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Vocabularies and other useful stuff for learning foreign languages

ByHeart Repository

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ByHeart Repository is a great place to visit if you use ByHeart. All ByHeart vocabularies and other materials are available there for browsing and downloading "a la carte".

Alternatively you can obtain vocabularies in other ways. A lot of vocabularies are assembled into option packs, which are available for downloading. 3 option packs have been released for now. The list of the vocabularies they contain can be viewed on the separate page.

The most recently submitted vocabularies are listed below.

  • (48K) Turkish - English vocabulary with 2000+ words. Compiled by Abdullah.
  • (30K) English - Dutch vocabulary. Compiled by Michael Edwin Forde (UK).
  • (17K) Russian - Czech vocabulary. 1000 most useful words.
  • (32.4K) 3 English - Russian vocabularies with phrases. Compiled by Alexander.
  • A good deal of vocabularies from Robert Bassford:
  • (26K) The English - German vocabulary on EuroBusiness, compiled by Josef Fehrer (Austria).
  • (14K) 13 useful English - Czech vocabularies, compiled by Petr Slameny.
  • (131K) The Russian - Spanish vocabulary with approximately 10000 words. Compiled by Sergey Goncharov.
  • (20K) The Russian - Spanish welldefined vocabulary.
  • (5K) The Esperanto - English vocabulary.
  • (10K) A template of English - Finnish vocabulary autogenerated in ByHeart by blending English-Russian and Russian-Finnish vocabularies.
  • (1K) An example of the vocabulary for learning conjugations of verbs. This one uses Spanish-Russian language pair and is intended for running 'Keywords' or 'Phrases' learning mode after loading into ByHeart.
  • (126K) The Lithuanian - Russian vocabulary on approximately 7000 words. Compiled by Andrej Denisov.
  • (330K) The Lithuanian - Russian vocabulary with 18000 words. Compiled by Jurij Vinokurov.
  • (17K) The English - Czech vocabulary with 1200 words. Compiled by Petr Slameny.
  • (45K) The Pali - Czech vocabulary by Petr Slameny. Pali is an ancient Indian language, the language of buddhist canon Tipitaka. The ZIP contains Pali font which should be installed and selected as a work font within ByHeart in order to view Pali characters properly.
In addition, the registered users can download a set of comprehensive vocabularies.


ByHeart interface can be easily translated into almost arbitrary language. The distribution kit contains the sets of strings for interface in English and Russian, as well as a demo set (with partial translation) in German.

In addition to them, the following sets of strings are also available:

In order to install an additional interface you should:
  1. download one of abovementioned zip-files that you need;
  2. unzip it into ByHeart work directory;
  3. open Options Dialog;
  4. switch to Interface tab;
  5. choose the included bhloc***.ini file from the list of available sets and press Apply button.

Learning through a singing

15 december 1998 a new product, namely ByHeart Karaoke, has been released. In order to find out what is it and how it can help you in learning foreign languages, you can visit the ByHeart Karaoke page.

Sound bridge for Lingvo 5.0 and 6.0

Sound bridge for Lingvo 5.0 and 6.0 enables you to listen to pronunciation of english words from the Lingvo sound vocabulary within ByHeart.

Vocabularies for Tutor

Tutor is yet another useful program for learning foreign languages. The Tutor's author, Daniel Green, gave me a kind permission to include his English-German dictionary into ByHeart distribution kit. Also ByHeart uses an enhanced learning method based on the original one developed by Daniel for Tutor, and allows a user to load and save vocabularies of Tutor format.

You can visit Tutor home page at and check it for some interesting dictionaries. Maybe you will find that Tutor itself is worth to be downloaded.


ByHeart is used by thousands of people all over the world. This is the place where they share their knowledge and ideas. The most simple way to contribute to the common deed of ByHeart evolution is to share a self-made vocabularies and multimedia stuff. Besides there are some additional utilities that extend the base functionality of ByHeart. Finally it should be mentioned that the World Wide Web has a lot of resources which can be useful for computer-aided learning foreign languages. So why not to place some links here?¶



Multimedia stuff

ByHeart vocabularies can optionally contain a pictures and sounds. This makes it easier to learn a meanings of words and their pronunciation. You can find a wide variety of pictures in WWW. To do so simply launch any search engine and enter the string "free clipart". Undoubtedly, the most effective search engine is MetaCrawler. It sends a queries to the other popular search engines and combines all responses into a generalized compacted list.


Making sound files smaller

With ByHeart you can learn a pronunciation of a words by ear. For this purpose ByHeart handles a WAV files which can occupy a lot of space on a disk. One of a possible solutions of this problem is install Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec. This software is capable of squeesing WAV files 10 times or so. The URL of the corresponded page at the Fraunhofer Institut Integrierte Schaltungen IIS is



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