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Karaoke is a relatively new phenomenon in the massmusic. First appeared on the Far East, karaoke became a wellknown popular amusement all over the world. Karaoke is based on the principle of using a sound track of a popular song in a special edition. Such a sound track has no vocal party (singing) at all, that is it contains a pure arrangement. A playback is accompanied by a continuous displaying of words from an appropriate song. So anyone can sing a song instead of a professional artist who originally performed this composition.¶


ByHeart plus Karaoke

The basic principle of karaoke is very useful for learning words of a song. But unlike to a classic karaoke, ByHeart Karaoke does not use a special sound tracks without a singing. Quite the contrary it requires the usual audio CD with a vocal party. Why? That's simple. - If a song has a words in a foreign language, You can memorize and practize the pronunciation of unknown words by singing them along with an artist. This is a one of the most efficient and yet easy (acceptable) method of learning foreign language.

ByHeart Karaoke can be used as an additional module for ByHeart or as a standalone product. In the last case You will get something like a traditional karaoke for singing a songs in your native language just for fun. When it is used in conjunction with ByHeart, You can learn a meanings of foreign words from a lyrics. For that purpose each karaoke file should be supplied with an appropriate ByHeart vocabulary, which contains all words from a given song. You can create your own karaoke files or use ones created by other users of ByHeart Karaoke. Actually this is the end user who responsible for creation of karaoke files and attendant vocabularies.

The program is designed for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT.


How to get it?

ByHeart Karaoke 1.0 is now shipped along with ByHeart.

But You can still download ByHeart Karaoke 0.5 as a separate program. Its distribution kit contains 2 examples of karaoke files. To playback them You need an audio CD with ABBA's song "Money, Money, Money" or "Thank You for the Music". As it was mentioned earlier You can create new karaoke for any song You like, in any language You need to learn. Try it and enjoy it!

The distribution kit:

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